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Sheboygan County Halfway House (SCHH) is a not-for-profit community-based residential facility (CBRF) serving those who struggle with addiction and/or those with mental health needs.

Treatment specialists across the country identify support after treatment as the greatest predictor of life success after addiction treatment.

Transitional living, sober living is key to full recovery.

Sheboygan has recognized widespread and increased use of heroin and other opioids in recent years. Efforts have been made to reduce drug use and drug related incidents, but the problem remains in our area. Limited resources for rehabilitation compound the issue as addicts continue to relapse. These consistent users are the primary market for the illegal sale of narcotics.

There are clear links between mental health issues, such as depression, and drug and alcohol abuse. Effective treatment must be able to address both issues.

Transitional living, sober living is key to full recovery.

schh tranisitional living for men

SCHH Provides Transitional Living

Individuals who can remain sober for more than six months have been found to be less likely to relapse. Staying in a supportive, sober living environment helps to reduce the chance of relapse. Sometimes the average stay in a transitional living facility can be much shorter.

Even after residents leave transitional living, they can participate in the same SCHH in-house group counseling and therapy sessions as during their residency.  The relationship with SCHH extends after their stay often during the time they may need help the most.

Treatment specialists across the country identify support after treatment as the greatest advantage in addiction treatment and mental health therapy.

However, the number of sober living or transitional living residences are few.

Sheboygan County Halfway House is proud to be making a difference in the Sheboygan community by supporting those recovering from addiction and other mental health challenges.


Our History

In 1969, The Abode was granted a charter from the State of Wisconsin to provide services under Acts 75 and 83 of the Wisconsin legal code. For years, the Abode provided a comfortable home for stable, elderly residents with mental and physical health issues. Over time, the need for a facility with a focus on mental health and addiction treatment has grown. The Abode has answered the call for a transitional living facility and strives to provide the highest quality care for our residents, with the overarching goal of a timely, productive, and sober return to independence. As the needs have grown, Sheboygan County Halfway House acquired additional housing to support those recovering.

The Board of Directors

Executive Director Erik Buchelt

Bob Danforth

Barb Gutenberger

Elizabeth Stroot

Chris Domagalski

Mark Sauer

Mike Hanson

The Staff

5 full-time employees 

12 part-time employees

Most have over 20 years experience

Several local businesses and organizations have provided support for our residences:

Sherwin Williams, Plymouth Furniture, Ladies of the Lake,  Kohler Foundation

Support Recovery in the Sheboygan Community

Sheboygan County Halfway House helps residents find jobs, navigate any conditions imposed by treatment court, and manage basic life skills like financial responsibility.

Help us continue to support recovery in the Sheboygan community.